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Trailtrekker 2010… a very emotional battle.

Having shared his training schedule with us, an exhausted Stephen Wilson is back to give an excellent and riveting account of his team's very emotional battle with the Oxfam Trailtrekker 2010 Challenge. The challenge covered just over 100km between Newcastle, County Down and Carlingford, County Louth crossing terrain of all types. Since my last update on the Mourne 7 sevens we had decided to tone down the training in the final weeks before the Trailtrekker itself. Our fundraising walk on the 15th of August was a great success as we got a beautiful day to dander from Helens Bay to Whitespots Country Park with a fantastic bunch of people and managed to raise over £300. Our training up to now had covered virtually every kind of terrain at various times of day and night in varying conditions, but we felt that we needed to get in one last long distance walk that would be mostly on tarmac. With this in mind we decided to take on a route suggested by our support driver, John Moore. So, on Sunday 22nd August, myself, Eve and Melissa got up early and walked from Hazelbank Park in Whiteabbey, using the cycle path down to the docks, through Belfast and along the Airport Road to Holywood. Read more [...]

Winter Walking Breaks at the Holiday Inn Killarney in association with Pat Falvey

The Holiday Inn Killarney have organised a number of autumn/winter walking breaks in association with Pat Falvey Adventures. Among the schedule is a chance to climb Ireland's highest mountain with Pat Falvey, the leader of the first ever Irish expedition to reach the South Pole. There is also an exciting Winter Solstice walk and a chance to walk off the Christmas Turkey on Purple and Tomies Mountains which overlook the Gap of Dungloe and the famous Killarney Lakes. Killarney is one of the most Read more [...]