Galway to host weekend long adventure film festival

The What If, Why Not? Adventure Film Festival is Galway’s first ever adventure film festival and Ireland’s only weekend long adventure film festival.

Over two days the adventure film festival will screen award winning adventure sport films from Ireland and across the globe, host talks by Irish adventurers about what drives them to take unimaginable risks in the pursuit of adventure. Workshops and presentations by film makes for film makers are also available over the weekend.

The festival will take place on Friday November 23rd & Saturday November 24th 2012. The Film screenings, talks and workshops will take place at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Galway City. Doors open 1830 on Friday and 1100 on Saturday.

Among the speakers at the festival are:

Renowned Irish big wave surfer John McCarthy who will talk about his experiences as a big wave surfer in Ireland.

Sean McGowan who rowed across the Atlantic Ocean solo. Sean will talk about losing his mind, eating anything he could as he ran out of food and at times drinking whatever it took (including his own urine!!). Sean will also attempt to answer the question… why?

Mike Jones, a man with an insatiable appetite for adventure which has taken him all over Europe by kayak, crampon and by sail including being part of the first ever crew of 6 to row an Ocean when he crossed the Atlantic! In the summer of 2012 Mike kayaked solo around Ireland.

Caver Stephen ‘Jock’ Read who  has spent the last 10 years adventuring round Ireland and further afield obsessing about places where no man has been before. . Jock spent Christmas 2011 in the remote depths of the Jungles of Papua New Guinea hunting for unexplored caves, encountering plenty of snakes, spiders and a threat or two of cannibalism along the way.

See for details of the festival.