Advisory from Mountain Rescue: Avoid Sally Gap

snowonroadThe Glen of Imaal Red Cross Mountain Rescue Team have asked us to run the following advisory.

Wicklows mountain rescue teams responded to another two callouts yesterday to assist stranded motorists around the Sally Gap.

We urge motorists to avoid all roads leading upto the Sally Gap untill further notice! We have responded to more than 30 callout already this year.

With the bank holiday fast aproaching there will be an increased volume of people heading to the hills. We are not asking people to stay away, however their are a few precautions people could take!

We ask people not to continue traveling up a road if there is snow or ice on it. Pull in and park at a safe secure locations, not obstructing farm or forestry entrances! These are regular acces points for farmers and foresters, rescue vehicles may also need acces.

Make sure you and your children wear appropriate clothing, hats scarfs and gloves, waterproof footwear and a big warm jacket.

Most of all have fun and be SAFE!