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Stocking Fillers: Running Books

Looking for some ideas for a stocking filler for the running addict in your life?Want to treat yourself to something to read in front of the fire during the Christmas break?We have compiled a list of some of our favourite running books. Feet in the Clouds: A Tale of Fell-Running and ObsessionRichard Askwith Billed as ‘The Classic Tale of Fell-Running and Obsession’, this book doesn’t disappoint. Richard Askwith effortlessly weaves the history of Fell Running with the story of his Read more [...]

Stocking Fillers: Our Recommended Outdoor Books

It's that time of year again! If you are looking for some stocking fillers, here are some Outdoor Books that we've read and enjoyed in 2012.

Our Recommendation

Ireland's County High Points: A Walking Guide by Kieron Gribbon
A fantastic guidebook for anyone considering or in the process of 'doing' the County Tops of Ireland. The book contains a detailed section on each County Top of Ireland which provides you with all the essential information you'll need to tackle each walk. Each section Read more [...]

Book Review: ‘Ireland’s County High Points – A Walking Guide’ by Kieron Gribbon

If you're a regular visitor to Walking And Hiking Ireland, you'll know that we have published a few articles on the County Tops of Ireland. From the feedback we've received, it would appear that the sport of 'bagging the County Tops' has gained popularity over the last few years.

The great news for anyone who is considering or indeed in the process of hiking to the top of each county is that Kieron Gribbon has produced a superb guidebook which will no doubt become the Bible on this particular Read more [...]

Book Review: Mud, Sweat and Tears – an Irish Woman’s Journey of Self-Discovery

Every once in a while, you pick up a book that you just can't put down. On even rarer occasions, you get hold of a book that proves to be a truly inspirational read. 'Mud, Sweat and Tears' fits into both these categories.

Quite simply, this book is a must-read for anyone with even a remote interest in trail running or adventure sports and it sits alongside the other classic of this genre, Richard Askwith's 'Feet In The Clouds'.

The book starts with the author's first foray into the minority Read more [...]

What we’ve been reading..

From the definitive guide to Ireland's mountains to a highly entertaining account of the crazy sport of Fell-Running, here's what we've been reading recently:

The Mountains of Ireland (Paddy Dillon)
This book has quite simply become the definitive guide to Ireland's mountains. In it, Dillon identifies the 212 distinct mountains in Ireland over 2,000 feet based on his on-site appraisals. 12 of these mountains are over 3,000 feet. The book breaks these mountains down into 70 excellent walking routes Read more [...]

Book Review: ‘The Mournes Walks’ by Paddy Dillon

If you are planning on doing any walking in the Mournes this year, then this quite simply is the book for you. As well as being a stunning and beautiful mountain range combinging rugged coast with high mountains, the Mournes are a remarkably compact group and provide easy access on all sides. I have to start this piece by saying that I have a soft spot for the Mournes. Indeed, Slieve Donard was the first mountain I climbed and it was in the Mournes that my love for the mountains was born. Subsequent Read more [...]

Book Review: The Ridges of England Wales and Ireland

The lastest offering from Cicerone is a book for lovers of a good ridge walk. Author Don Baily writes in a very accessible way and has carried out detailed research to offer a number of stunning ridges aimed at readers of all levels. Read more [...]