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Industry Insiders: Nichola Jarvis of Tribal Fitness. Passion fuels passion!

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Welcome to Industry Insiders where we meet with people involved in the Outdoor and Fitness Business. The first person we've caught up with is Nichola Jarvis of Tribal Fitness. Nichola has successfully launched an interesting business which combines her love of fitness and the outdoors. I have a passion for health and fitness. A passion for good nutrition. A passion for the outdoors. A passion for happiness, and for the hills. However, the biggest passion of mine is to help other women experience Read more [...]

Truly Amazing Errigal Mountain

Stephanie and Joe Chastain of Inifinite Ireland share their experience of climbing the Iconic Errigal Mountain in Donegal. It was about half a day into our first trip to Ireland, my husband Joe had the idea that we should climb every mountain and hill we saw. Not having any idea about hill walking in Ireland, I thought he was crazy! We were on our honeymoon and I certainly did not bring any shoes that you could walk up a mountain in. He was so excited that I promised, next time (because by then I knew there would be a next time), we would climb as many mountains as he wanted. Read more [...]

Hill & Dale, Oz and the Mourne Mountain Marathon 2012

Sky Sports Broadcaster Mark Robson has kindly provided us with an excellent account of his attempt at the 2012 Mourne Mountain Marathon. Mark gives a superb insight into his unique training regine, from taking part in the Hill & Dale series, completing the challenging Mourne Seven Sevens despite a torn hamstring through to trying to fit training in around his work schedule. You can’t get enough training days ! Above the Ben Crom Dam. I was holding the sticks for someone else. They are only for softies.[/caption]On the 31st of July the washing machine clogged up with bits of peat bog. For me this was a sign that the preparation was going well. Actually that was maybe an exaggeration. It was an indication though that at least I was getting the miles in. I mean it must take a lot of peat encrusted sock washes to disable a modern Zanussi. But I was nervous. Every time I thought of the “MMM 2012″ there were accompanying pangs of anxiety. This year the lead in to the big event had been cursed with nasty speedbumps. Read more [...]

Intrepid pair complete 6 County Challenge

On the 23rd June 2012 Emma McCann and Pauline McGurk took on not one but six of the highest mountains in Northern Ireland in a unique fundraiser for Cancer Focus Northern Ireland. The intrepid pair certainly lived up to the challenge travelling across all six counties to reach the peaks of Slieve Donard in Co Down (850m), Slieve Gullion in Co Armagh (573m), Cuilcagh in Co Fermanagh (666m), Trostan in Co Antrim (550m), Sawel in Co Derry (678m) and Mullaghcarn in Co Tyrone (542) in just 24hrs. Emma McCann has kindly written a guest blog for us on her highs and lows – both physical and mental during this inspirational challenge. It’s the early hours of 23rd June and the wind is howling around the Slieve Donard Hotel. Looking into the blackness, it’s hard to imagine that we will be out there in just 2 hours; heading up the first of 6 mountains to be climbed that day. Read more [...]

The 50km Trailtrekker – A Brilliant Day of Walking!

With the 2012 Trailtrekker event coming up, Michael Kinahan takes a look back at his experience of the challenge and offers some words of advice to those taking part in this year's event. Michael has gone from being a participant in 2010 and 2011 to being a volunteer for this years event. With just under two months now until this year’s Trailtrekker event, I wanted to share my experiences of last years 50km trek, particularly with those considering taking on the challenge in 2012. This is a Read more [...]

Trailtrekker 2010… a very emotional battle.

Having shared his training schedule with us, an exhausted Stephen Wilson is back to give an excellent and riveting account of his team's very emotional battle with the Oxfam Trailtrekker 2010 Challenge. The challenge covered just over 100km between Newcastle, County Down and Carlingford, County Louth crossing terrain of all types. Since my last update on the Mourne 7 sevens we had decided to tone down the training in the final weeks before the Trailtrekker itself. Our fundraising walk on the 15th of August was a great success as we got a beautiful day to dander from Helens Bay to Whitespots Country Park with a fantastic bunch of people and managed to raise over £300. Our training up to now had covered virtually every kind of terrain at various times of day and night in varying conditions, but we felt that we needed to get in one last long distance walk that would be mostly on tarmac. With this in mind we decided to take on a route suggested by our support driver, John Moore. So, on Sunday 22nd August, myself, Eve and Melissa got up early and walked from Hazelbank Park in Whiteabbey, using the cycle path down to the docks, through Belfast and along the Airport Road to Holywood. Read more [...]