Coumshingaun Summer Solstice

We’ve been running some shots of your Summer Solstice Walks. Many thanks to John Foley for letting us feature this magnificent set of shots from Coumshingaun, perhaps one of the finest examples of a corrie or coum in the whole of Europe. John’s fantastic photos paint the Comeragh Mountain’s most famous landmark in a new light.

We understand that John camped out in order to capture these images and we think you’ll agree the results make the effort more than worthwhile. You can see more of John’s photos at

If you have some images from the summer solstice you’d think we could feature on the website, drop an email to

Summer Solstice IMG_0152

Sunrise over Coumshingaun

Coumshingaun IMG_0103

Sunset taken on top of the highest point in the Comeraghs

Coumghingaun IMG_0268

The morning mist clears at Coumshingaun on solstice morning.