Get Off The Couch call for male participants

Get Off The Couch Tv3Ok folks, if there are any men out there aged 45-55+ who are looking for a challenge, we might just have the thing for you.

Get Off The Couch, a  new TV series for Setanta Sports presented by Teena Gates, is looking for male participants aged 45-55+ who perhaps were once active but are not anymore and would like to be once again.

If you are from outside of Dublin and looking for a wake-up challenge and are willing to take on a 5km this year or are open to the idea of sea swimming, road cycling and heading to the mountains, Email and start back on the road to being active.

Get off the Couch is a six-part sports series with a difference, destined to inspire people to participate rather than just observe. The show takes people who avoid exercise and the outdoors and, through the direction of a key athlete, show them how rewarding outdoor activities can be. From running to kayaking to mountain climbing, they will take people who typically shy away from physical exercise out of their living rooms and into the great outdoors. The emphasis is not on losing weight but on being active, getting outdoors and partaking in activities you never thought you were capable of.

You can see a video promo for the series: