Industry Insiders: Nichola Jarvis of Tribal Fitness. Passion fuels passion!

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  • Industry Insiders: Nichola Jarvis of Tribal Fitness. Passion fuels passion!

Welcome to Industry Insiders where we meet with people involved in the Outdoor and Fitness Business. The first person we’ve caught up with is Nichola Jarvis of Tribal Fitness. Nichola has successfully launched an interesting business which combines her love of fitness and the outdoors.

I have a passion for health and fitness. A passion for good nutrition. A passion for the outdoors. A passion for happiness, and for the hills. However, the biggest passion of mine is to help other women experience and explore all my former passions!


Nichola Jarvis, Head Chief Tribal Fitness

As well as dedicating my free time to active hobbies, my passions have driven me to be involved in the health and fitness industry for nearly 20 years, by having the pleasure of working in a variety of employed roles in different countries.

However, launching my own business, Tribal Fitness, was not a planned venture, and it actually developed unexpectedly! My love of helping other women engage in health and fitness (and my sense of adventure!) obviously preceded me in the local area, and very quickly, Tribal Fitness was born: and snowballed! It grew organically over three years, leading to franchises for our services which include women only fitness sessions, bespoke exercise classes for postnatal women and their babies, as well as toddler exercise and nutrition courses. But, it is the Adventure Training offshoot of the business which excites me the most!

It is widely reported that from early teenage years, females engage less and less with physical activity, especially in the great outdoors. Research also documents the amazing benefits that can be gained both physically and mentally from combining exercise with the natural outdoor environment. But as well as improving physical health and helping combat depression, exercising with other females can encourage social and emotional development, which can sometimes be much more important for some ladies!

We have a mixture of women who take part in our Adventures. Some women are experienced hill walkers, but many are complete beginners. Either way, it’s a real pleasure to be able to give these women the opportunity to explore our fantastic natural environment and challenge themselves while learning new skills. Our trips are always great fun and it’s fantastic to see the women enjoy themselves so much on the hills. Each person joins our events for their own reasons: for fitness, pleasure, a challenge or just to get some much needed head space away from the office and kids! Despite the reason, it is a great feeling to watch the group complete another event, but it is extra rewarding to take summit photos of the ladies who perhaps had a fear of heights, had confidence issues, high anxiety, or just never thought they would ever step foot on a mountain!

Last year proved a great success Tribal-AgainstBlack-RGBwith many memories created, stories to tell and an abundance of breath-taking photos to look back on. But I’m even more excited about this year, as we have many fabulous hikes in the Mournes coming up, as well as trips to Mount Errigal in Donegal, Croagh Patrick in Westport and Carrauntoohil in Kerry; and of course our big challenge across the water this summer, The Three Peaks!

We’re really looking forward to meeting lots more ladies in 2015 and seeing what the hills have waiting for us!

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