Join Climb 4 Concern in climbing Ireland’s highest mountain in September

Fancy an invigorating and adventurous outdoor challenge close to home? Well, how does climbing Ireland’s highest mountain sound?

It certainly floats our boat.The question is: will you be joining us to climb Carrantuohill on September 15th?

Four provinces
So far this year, an amazing group of hikers have joined us as we have climbed the highest mountains in Connacht, Ulster and Leinster. Now, it’s Munster’s turn. Some might say we’ve left the best till last – it is Ireland’s highest mountain after all!

Why do it?
Picture this: you’re standing on the highest peak in Ireland, 1,050 metres above the ground. County Kerry’s wild and rustic scenery sprawls into the distance, enveloping you. That’s what you’ll experience when you reach the top of Carrantuohill. Trust us, this is one climb you don’t want to miss.

Added incentives
Fear not, you don’t need to be super-fit. The great thing about this challenge is that it is suitable for people of all fitness levels. Once the trek is complete, it will be time to sample what Kerry has to offer for the night!

A great cause
We’ll take care of organising transportation and accommodation in Kerry. All you have to do is sign up. You’ll need to pay a €25 deposit and raise at least €100 but that is a lot easier than it might sound – just see our fundraising tips. What’s more, all the money raised from this challenge goes directly to our life-saving work. Your glorious day out will literally help save lives.

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One comment on “Join Climb 4 Concern in climbing Ireland’s highest mountain in September

  1. Robert Grandon says:

    Good causes and charity events in the mountains have become increasingly popular in last few years. The numbers of people participating appear to be increasing also. My concern is that the mountain environment is coming under pressure from many feet tramping over it by so many at one time.It may be time to re-examine the choice of using our mountains for large participation, charity events and adventure races etc. It will be of no credit to have contributed greatly to the erosion impact on our mountains, no matter how good the cause is. Many charities devoted to helpng developing world are aware of environmental degradation as a consequence of human intervention in the countries that they work.Raising funds in Ireland should happen but must avoid contributing to environmental degradation here. The sustainability of the ground the so many people pass over should be examined and a more durable and sustainable place chosen instead.

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