Mountain Meitheal complete new mountain Shelter on the Bangor Trail

Mountain Meitheal have just completed and located a new mountain shelter near Lough Aroher on the Bangor Trail in Co. Mayo. For a week commencing on July 8th 2012 sixteen Mountain Meitheal Volunteers worked hard with magnificent results to position the Shelter on the Trail. They also did some trail maintenance and repair on site.

Preparation for this project commenced some time ago as Mountain Meitheal wished to recognise their 10th Anniversary in a practical way and in accordance with our aims. The carpentry and initial preparation was done off site in the workshops of Coillte Teo. in Avondale Co. Wicklow. It was erected and dismantled and transported to Co. Mayo by jeep and trailer and dropped at a forest turning circle 300 metres from the Shelter’s final position. The shelter site was levelled and prepared and a retaining crib wall was put in place by the Volunteers on the first and second days.

The Volunteers hauled the materials by hand over the 300 metre stretch in extremely wet weather and underfoot conditions over the first three days. This was a great credit to their commitment and endurance. When the materials were finally on site the Shelter build commenced and progressed well, initially in very inclement weather and finally in improved conditions over the final days of the project. After the workdays all the Volunteers returned to our forestry based campsite and their tents. They had the use of an old forestry service tractor shed as their mess hall. This had a good fireplace so it was cosy and allowed our very wet gear and clothes to dry out and added to the bonhomie of the group.

We are very proud of the effort and commitment of all Mountain Meitheal Volunteers involved in the planning, preparation and final build of the Shelter. This project showed the great effort and dedication of our Volunteer base and its an honour to be associate with such a group of people. We hope that the Shelter is enjoyed by all who pass the way (ref. F938 073). Reports of it being used arrived to us within a day of work completion. Its positioned unobtrusively but with magnificent views. More information on the project and Mountain Meitheal,s work can be found on

Robert Grandon (Chair) Mountain Meitheal

One comment on “Mountain Meitheal complete new mountain Shelter on the Bangor Trail

  1. Robert Grandon says:

    Hi.Sorry to say the flipside to the positive news that Mountain Meitheal are able to announce with the building of the Lough Aroher Shelter is today when we inspected the existing Brusher,s Gap Shelter on the Wicklow Way it unfortunately had come in for misuse by some who used it. The Log book which we leave for people to add in their journey experiences had been torn up and thrown on the fire, Two fire-rings had been constructed too close to the shelter for comfort and safety. Graffiti drawn on the walls,a combination of Irish and visitors from Europe contributing to this. Scouting/ Gaisce, TY, groups even felt it was okay to sign their graffiti. Makes you wonder who supervised these young people??. When I reflect on all the time, effort and goodwill given by the Mountain Meitheal Volunteers to built and maintain this shelter and the others on the Way , to say its disappointing is an understatement. The majority of people using the Shelters behave responsibility as you would expect. Unfortunately idiots will always appear even in a beautiful location to undermine good work and intentions. Robert Grandon

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