Mountain Rescue on Bray Head

Today, at 16.13, Mountain Rescue was tasked to respond to assist a lady with a severe lower leg injury located 100m from the top of Bray Head. Paramedics from the HSE ambulance crews were already on scene and had asked for assistance from both the Irish Coastguard helicopter and the Mountain Rescue team. The casualty, a 19 year old female, was in a very awkward location and her injury was serious enough to cause concern. As Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue and the Glenn of Imaal Mountain Rescue rushed to the scene, the helicopter arrived and was able to lift the casualty despite the awkward position and limited visibility at the location.

Although Bray Head is surrounded by urban areas, parts of the hill can be very difficult to access for normal emergency services. Mountain Rescue has been asked to assist HSE and Dublin Fire Brigade crews in that location a number of times over the last few years. In some cases the extraction of the casualty requires specialised rope rescue techniques in order to be safely executed. A path which can be travelled safely on foot can be a difficult obstacle for a team carrying a loaded stretcher. As the recreational use of Dublin’s hills soars, local Mountain Rescue teams are being increasingly asked to respond to areas near to the city which still require their specialist skills.