My Walk in Photos: Errigal by Martin McAlinden

Martin McAlinden is currently working his way through The County Tops of Ireland, an activity which is becoming increasingly popular in Ireland.

Martin’s most recent walk took him up Iconic Errigal, the County Top of Donegal and probably one of the most scenic of the County Tops.

Martin has kindly shared some stunning photos of his recent walk to the top of Donegal. These are sure to inspire you to take up The County Top challenge yourself.

The first shot was taken on the stony path which starts part way up the mountain. The clouds parted to reveal Errigal’s smaller neighbour Mackoght, with Altan Lough and the Aghlas beyond.

The second photo looks up towards Errigal’s summit, with other walkers just about visible. You can see the mountain’s lower summit to the right; it can be reached by a narrow track known as the ‘One Man’s Path’. It’s not as hairy as it sounds!

This stunning view only opened up near Errigal’s summit. This is looking down over Dunlewey, Dunlewey Lough and Lough Nacung, with the Atlantic coast visible beyond.

The first shot was taken looking back on Errigal’s impressive bulk from the summit of Mackoght. This mountain was quite a tiring walk after completing Errigal, but offered some unique views.

Mackoght’s view over Loughs Nabehy (the smaller one, which is shaped like Ireland!) and Altan, and across to the Aghlas: Aghla More in front with Aghla Beg’s twin summits behind.

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