Name that mountain #1

In the first of our new series, we ask if you can ‘Name That Mountain’.

Can you name the mountain below? We will reveal it’s identity later today.

If you’ve climbed this mountain, we’d love to hear how you got on. Please feel free to share any photos you have of the mountain.


And the correct answer is Boughil.

Boughil is a mountain raising to 631 metres just a short drive from Moll’s Gap in County Kerry. From Moll’s Gap, the mountain forms an impressive bulk and dominates the picturesque and serend Barfinny Lough. Indeed from the shore of the lake, the steep slopes of Boughil look quite intimidating.

A carpark beside Barfinny provides plenty of space for parking if you fancy tackling Boughil. From the carpark, follow the road back in the direction of Molls Gap until you reach a fence running up Boughil. This fence leads all the way to the summit of Boughil. Whilst as easy as it gets from navigationally, the mountain’s steep and rocky slopes do put up a fight and will get the pulse racing.

Well done to a number of people who correctly identified Boughil from the picture.

Mike Rea was one of the first on Twitter..

First to get it on our Facebook Page was Conor Murphy but he had a slight advantage in that he lives on one of the hills in the background of the image..


Peter Murphy was also quick to answer, we’re still not sure if he knows where Conor lives!


Thanks to Conor who also shared some advice for anyone thinking of tackling Boughil..

Screenshot_3Also, well done to Rafal Synch, Phil Lowery and Mark O’Donohue who identified it. Phil has a personal connection in that he used to fish the lake as a child and actually features in a painting of himself fishing Barfinny!

Seems a few people mistook the lake for Lough Ouler at the foot of Tonelagee but this was eventually ruled out!

Why not leave a comment with tips and advice if you’ve climbed Boughil.

Hope you enjoyed the challenge, we will have another mountain tomorrow..