Name that mountain #2

After yesterday’s teaser featuring Boughil in County Kerry, we’ve another teaser for you.

Can you name the mountain featured in this picture?

Have you climbed the mountain? If so, we’d love to hear any stories you have and please feel free to share any photos with us.


We will reveal the answer tomorrow.

Well done to Out and About Hiking who were the first to correctly identify the mountain as Tonelagee.
Well done Phil Wells and Barry Condon who also correctly identified Tonelagee, Barry recognised the carpark at the Wicklow Gap.
Tonelagee is located in the Wicklow Moutains and stands at 817 metres, making it the third highest mountain in Wicklow and the 33rd highest in Ireland.

The name translates literally as ‘backside to the wind’!

It is a fairly straightforward walk from the Wicklow Gap, even more-so if you can find the trail which lies directly opposite the carpark. Whilst the summit is pretty uninspiring, the panoramic views are fantastic. It is also very worthwhile taking a walk over towards Stoney Top. A standing stone with a cross carved into it provides a great viewing point down onto the serene heart-shaped Lough Ouler.

This picture was taken from the reservoir at Turlough Hill which provides a great platform from which to view the sheer bulk of Tonelagee.

If you’ve climbed Tonelagee, please feel free to share any pics you have or to share any tips/advice that you may have.

Here’s another picture from our walk showing the view down to Lough Ouler and the wonderful panorama of the Wicklow Mountains.