Sunrise and Snowfall

The people at Tribal Fitness decided to mark the start of 2015 with a spot of adventure. Thanks to Nichola Jarvis for sharing this account of their sunrise hike to the summit of Slieve Binnian with us. Tribal Fitness is committed to helping women maintain, regain and improve their fitness levels, while having FUN so check out their website at

January is a month full of emotion. We reflect on previous events and look ahead to what we want to achieve. It can all be a bit daunting. So, this year we kick started things with something spectacular!

The dawning of a New Year. A fresh start. Time for reflection. Time for excitement. Time for regrouping thoughts. Time for drawing in motivation. Time to harbour a sense of ‘I can do anything’. Time for Adventure!

So rather than just talking about it, and making endless lists of self-promises, Tribal Fitness Adventures ( provided women with the opportunity to actually get that much-needed personal space and time, in the most liberating and motivating way.

As we donned our hiking boots and head torches in the middle of the night, the tired eyes were twinkling with a sense of excitement at the prospect of what was ahead. What better way is there to start the New Year, than to climb a mountain and witness the sun rise over the Isle of Man?

Women from different walks of life, came together to complete the sunrise hike, although it wasn’t long before we realised we may not actually be seeing any sun!

The summit of Slieve Binnian was clear, but dark clouds hovered over the coastline. With every step on the ascent, it got colder and colder. And with every water break we took, we could see the dark clouds rolling in over the sea towards us, and it wasn’t long until the snow starting gently falling all around.

It was a beautiful experience to walk with the snowflakes dancing in the light of the head torches, and as twilight greeted us on the hill, it became visible that the summit was deep in snow. An amazing sight and we just couldn’t wait to see the views from the top!


Needless to say, we weren’t disappointed. Absolutely breath-taking. Literally. I stopped in my tracks, mid-sentence, and put my hands behind my head as my jaw dropped in complete awe of what I saw. I simply stood and took it all in, while listening to the gasps of everyone else behind me as they too approached the summit and experienced the same emotions for themselves. The beauty of the mountain tops covered in snow was an unexpected surprise, and although we didn’t see the sunrise, I don’t think anyone would have changed the experience.


A beautiful way to start a New Year. It gave time for quiet personal reflection. It provided achievement and motivation. It certainly inspired the ‘I can do anything’ attitude. And it undoubtedly helped to shift some turkey dinners and mince pies!

We are already looking forward to the next Adventure….and this time we are hoping for that sunrise!