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Climb Kilimanjaro in 2013

It’s the highest mountain in Africa and one of the most famous in the world. Let’s face it, it’s the mountain everyone says they would love to climb and those who have say it was the most exhilarating experience of their lives. So, are you ready for Concern's seven-day Kilimanjaro trek from 15 August 2013 to 25 August 2013? The scenic route Out of the six possible routes to climb Kilimanjaro, Concern have chosen the most scenic of them all: the Machame route. The seven day itinerary Read more [...]

Real Mountain Skills

Using lessons learned from his experience of the mountains, Nathan Kingerlee of Outdoors Ireland shares some very useful tips and tricks to make life easier while out in this environment. While guiding some girls last weekend on Carrauntoohil, questions came up around tips and tricks to make life easier while in the mountains, especially big cold mountains like Kilimanjaro. When I think back to some of the hard lessons I’ve learnt and tricks I use, here’s some of them: If you’ve a choice between getting a backpack that’s a little too big, or a little too small, get one that’s a little too small. That way you’ll pack only what you really need and you’ll pack in a well organised fashion. No backpack is properly waterproof and backpack covers don’t work, so put a big lightweight dry-bag or a heavy duty plastic bin-bag inside your backpack, to keep your contents dry. Read more [...]