The County Tops in Photos: Slieve Donard, County Down

To supplement our series of articles on the County Tops of Ireland, we are featuring some photos from these hills and mountains. We’re starting with Slieve Donard, the County Top of Down and the highest point in the province of Ulster.

You can read our article on Slieve Donard here.

If you have any images from the County Tops of Ireland, please send them onto us and we will feature the best ones.

The first few images of Slieve Donard come from James Higgins via Facebook. The first shot was taken on the descent of Slieve Donard and features the Mourne Wall running down the slopes of Donard before crossing over to Slieve Commedagh.

Mourne Wall, Slieve Donard

The next shot from James Higgins is a magnificent panorama taken from Donard again looking along the Mourne Wall as it crosses to Slieve Commedagh. The continuation of the wall over the tors of Slieve Bearnagh can be seen in the background. The remnants of snow that had drifted can be seen along the course of the wall.


The final shot from James shows the view of Slieve Donard from Slieve Commedagh. Chimney Rock Mountain can be seen in the background.

Slieve Donard from Slieve Commedagh

Next up is a shot of Slieve Donard taken from Chimney Rock Mountain. The summit of Donard is obscured by cloud but the Mourne Wall can be seen climbing up the steep slopes of the mountain. If tackling Donard from Bloody Bridge, Chimney Rock mountain can be a worthwhile diversion. Many thanks to Kieron Gribbon for this shot. Kieron is the author of the excellent book ‘Ireland’s County High Points – A Walking Guide’ .

Donard from Chimney Rock Mountain

The next shot comes from Paul O’ Connor and was taken from Slieve Beg. It shows Slieve Donard framed by the Devil’s Coachroad, a huge gully that spilts Beg in half. The shot was taken on a crisp winter’s morning and Donard has a topping of snow.

Slieve Donard from Slieve Beg

Another one from Paul O’ Connor, this time showing the superb views from the lesser cairn down over Newcastle on an exceptionally clear day. The views from the highest point of Ulster are awe-inspiring on days like this and can include The Isle of Man, the coast of Scotland and the distant Wicklow Mountains.

Newcastle from Slieve Donard

The next shot comes from the people at Life Adventure Ctr via Twitter. You can get them at @LifeAdventureCt. The shot shows the view along the Mourne Wall looking at the summit of Slieve Donard.

Slieve Donard in the Snow

The next shot was taken from the summit of Slieve Binnian, a mountain featured in our ‘Walking Ireland’s Iconic Mountains‘ series. From here, you get a real appreciation of the scale of Slieve Donard as it towers above Slieve Commedagh and the surrounding mountains.

View of The Mournes from Slieve Binnian

Of course, it should be remembered that not every walk of Donard is accompanied by stunning views… we love this picture from Michael Kinahan showing Michael and a couple of friends seeking refuge from the elements beside the cairn at the summit of Donard. Michael took this on his round of the County Tops.

Summit Cairn, Slieve Donard

We do of course recommend you save your walk on Donard for a clear day so you can take in the fantastic scenes like the one below which shows the Mourne Wall running up Slieve Donard from the Bog of Donard.

Bog of Donard

Next is another shot from the people at Life Adventure Ctr , @LifeAdventureCt on Twitter. It shows the view from the tower at the summit of Donard, one of three such towers along the course of the Mourne Wall but the only one crowned with a trig pillar.

Tower on Slieve Donard

Paul O’ Connor shared the below image with us. It was taken during a round Paul done of the Mourne Wall in 2010 and shows a couple taking in the views from beside the great cairn at the summit of Slieve Donard.

Great Cairn, Slieve Donard

Another shot from Paul’s walk of the Mourne Wall. This one catches a burst  of sunlight illuminating the saddle between Donard and Slieve Commedagh.

Sunlight on Slieve Commedagh
David O’Prey submitted this image which shows the path leading up to the saddle between Slieve Donard and Slieve Commedagh. Newcastle can be seen in the background.

Saddle at Slieve Donard

Here’s another great shot from Kieron Gribbon, author of  ‘Ireland’s County High Points – A Walking Guide’ . The photo shows the summit of Slieve Donard from the north end of Carrick Little track in the Annalong Valley. Slieve Donard is just visible peeking over the eastern shoulder of Rocky Mountain in the centre of the photo.

Mourne Mountains from Annalong Valley

Another one from Kieron Gribbon, this one shows Slieve Donard and the Mourne Mountains as seen from the beach at Newcastle. This image appears on page 72 of Kieron’s book  ‘Ireland’s County High Points – A Walking Guide’ .

Slieve Donard from beach at Newcastle

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