The Story Behind The Photo: After The Rain

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Recently, we featured Croaghuan on Achill Island, one of the Iconic Mountains of Ireland. In the piece, we mentioned that the dramatic sea cliffs of Croaghaun can only fully be appreciated either by boat trip or by hiking to the summit of Achill’s highest mountain. This stunning photo of Croaghaun by Richard Creagh proves otherwise. Taken from the Mullet Peninsula, Richard’s shot captures this fantastic mountain from an unusual perspective which illustrates how it falls sheer into the Atlantic Ocean.


Richard gives us the background to the shot…

I made this image on a stormy September afternoon. It was my first time at the end of the Mullet Peninsula and the low landscape was a great place for watching the big skies. As I was driving I could see another huge shower sailing in, obscuring my view of Achill. By the time I arrived at the end of the road Croaghaun was covered up in cloud.

I was pottering about trying different things with the camera when the weather lifted from the island. I saw the steep flanks of Croaghaun appear from the cloud with sea spray and mist rising as the sun hit the hills again. Before long another shower came in so I swapped to a long lens and waited for the rain to blow over. This time I made a few images just as the cloud began to lift, trying to time it with the breaking waves in the foreground. I got a few images I liked and this is the one I preferred.

I have two fascinations in the Irish landscape; the sea and the hills. Spending time where these two worlds meet is always a pleasure.
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