The Story Behind The Photo: Errigal Panorama

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It has featured previously in our ‘Story Behind The Photo’ series but iconic Errigal is a mountain that we never tire of featuring. The latest photo comes from Brendan O’ Donnell and it’s a quite magnificent shot taken looking from one top of Errigal across to the other.

The panoramic shot spans from Lough Nacung on the left to Altan Lough and Aghla More on the right. The image brings to mind the line of a relatively well known song about the hills of Donegal, “To stand on top of Errigal, would give me such a thrill”. It’s a view that many have enjoyed but few have captured with such success!

Errigal Panorama
Brendan gives us the background to the shot…

“Being from Dunlewey, I pretty much live on the mountain. I’ve been up more times than I can remember. This was the first time up this year with a new camera lens. It was such an amazing day and the light is so amazing during this time of year.

I was on the first peak on Earagail while my friends had just made the top of the second peak ahead of me. I had been looking for an opportunity to capture my friends on the mountain as one of them had never climbed it before. I hung back and as I saw them ascend the second peak I framed the shot and got it as I wanted.

The image consists of three separate images merged together using a editing program. It was taken with a Nikon D90 with a Tokina 11mm-16mm lens. The camera settings were an aperture of f/11, shutter speed of 180 and ISO 160.”

Brendan and a couple of friends have a joint exhibition coming up on Friday November 15th in Artco in Letterkenny. You can see more details of the exhibition at