The Story Behind The Photo: Sunrise at Bunnafreva

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It’s been a while but we are delighted to bring you the latest in our ‘Story Behind The Photo’ series. We think you’ll agree that the wait was well worthwhile when you see the quite stunning shot from beautiful Achill Island coutesy of Conor Ledwith. The shot is of the stunning Bunnatreva Lough West on the slopes of Croaghaun, a mountain previously featured in our Iconic Mountains series. You can see more of Conor’s shots at Conor takes us through the story behind the photo:

Bunnatreva Lough West

Six am and stepping out of the car at Acorrymore Lake, Achill, on a cool April morning with just the occasional star shining dimly in the dawn sky. With 5.5 degrees Celsius showing on the car’s dash, wrapping up warmly was the order of the day. So camera bag on my back plus the tripod in tow I walked up alongside the Eastern side of Lough Acorrymore and Corryntawy.

It was hard to judge what the weather had in store when you looked out at the Atlantic and watched the incoming showers but I marched on to get to Bunnafreva Lough West in the hope of enjoying the sunrise from there. I certainly wasn’t disappointed!

There was a hint of a Rainbow with the rising sun and then it was all action setting up the camera to photograph Bunnafreva. Everything was changing quickly as I watched sea fog rising up from the back of Croaghaun with the knowledge that the scene could close in quickly. There was a sense of relief when I shot off the first few images and a view of the pics on the back of the camera confirmed that I had nailed it. However, I then noticed that moisture had gathered on the lens as a result of the sea fog so it was a case of removing the camera from the tripod and out with the cloth to dry off the lens and shoot the scene again.

If anything, everything in front of me looked better with the Rainbow’s colour improving and the fog being blown away to the east. So I captured the scene again and changed the composition a few times. When I was happy that I got the image it was time to sit down without camera and soak up the scene. It was absolutely magical and a moment to cherish.