Your Pics: The Spink and The Great Sugarloaf

Many thanks to Lisa Moriarty for sharing these pics with us of her recent walks in the Wicklow Mountains.

First up is a beautiful shot of the ever-popular upper lake at Glendalough.

Upper Lake GlendaloughThe idyllic surroundings of Glendalough was where Saint Kevin established a monastery in the 6th century. It’s easy to see why this beautiful site was chosen as a place of solitude and solace. Nowadays the valley forms part of the Wicklow Mountains National Park and the Spink route offers superb walking. The following pics were taken by Lisa on a hike of The Spink.

Hiking Glendalough
Glendalough Hike
Walking The Wicklow Mountains
Glendalough Hike

Next up from Lisa are some pictures from a hike up the iconic Great Sugarloaf. The mountain is ideal for a family walk and offers fantastic views across the Wicklow and Dublin Mountains.

The Great Sugarloaf


Walking the Great Sugarloaf


Hiking The Great Sugarloaf


Thanks again to Michael for the photos. If you have any photos you think we could feature on the website, please feel free to Contact Us.